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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Bridges and Sheds

Progress has been slow but I have installed parapets on the remaining two bridges and some walking boards so the PLR track gang should hopefully be a bit safer (although this was the 1950s).

This shot also shots the quarry engine shed. This has been made with scale corrugated iron sheets from (IIRC) Metalsmith with 1/16" square brass for the main frame and wooden strips for the rest. The corrugated iron fairly quickly started rusting after soldering, but as there were still shiny bits I painted it with gun blue and then washed it off. The next day the whole outside was totally rusted. Whilst the rust looks good I'm not sure if all of every sheet would be like that in the prototype, so I am deliberating if I should try and paint on some grey in places to represent non-rusty areas.

I have some more corrugated iron buildings to make so may try and paint bits of the sheets first, or at least before wielding the gun blue.