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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Trackwork and Standards etc.

All my track is hand made to O14 standards using wooden sleepers, Peco Il-115 Rail and hand made spikes. I would have loved to have used Karlgarin code 82 Rail but this was not available when I started out 20+ years ago. I could have justified using Karlgarin on the main line with sidings in the thinner/lighter profile Peco but with 85ft of main line all complete and many sidings not yet laid, I took the decision to stay with the Peco. In fact the Ashover Railway which would have been contemporaneous with the PLR (and built by the same engineer) had fairly lightweight track anyway.

I wrote a series of articles on my track construction which were published in Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review issues 63, 64 & 65. These are now available for download here: narrowgaugeandindustrial.co.uk/pages/review-extras-finescale-7mm-narrow-gauge-trackwork

The O14 Track Standards can be found here: http://o14group.org/2008/09/22/o14-standards/

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