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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Lynton in O14

So my first trackmaking commission is finally finished - many months late (mainly because of taking on a new full-time job) - but just in time to free up the house for the first of my three children's weddings this year.

It is an exact to scale model of Lynton station in late SR period which just fits on five 4ft boards. It was an interesting project requiring a surprising amount of research and I owe my thanks to the many experts on the Yahoo ExmoorNG and L&B Modelling groups - and not forgetting Measured and Drawn.

I battled with Templot to produce the plans but when it actually came to tracklaying I found these lacking and redrew much of the pointwork on plain sheets of paper.

Most of the track is SR style but with some of the sidings in original L&B style. Rail is Karlgarin code 82/7, SR baseplates are KBscale, SR sleepers are a specially cut section by Twigfolly, original sleepers are coffee stirrers, spikes are home made from staples, fishplates are from Zamzoodled. All track is laid on a thin foam base.

Some photos of the finished model below - see earlier blog posts for work in progress.

Hopefully when the whole layout is finished (he's in no hurry) I will get the chance to help the owner exhibit it.

The approach
The bay and loop turnouts (engine shed road yet to be built)

The loop and engine shed turnout

The crossover and goods shed turnout - very tricky to get right

Track fitted around the goods shed (not made by me)
The goods yard of mostly L&B style track (buildings not made by me)

SR track above - L&B below

Closeup of crossing

Closeup of switches

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