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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Going Industrial

The PLR is of course a 'main line' narrow gauge railway even if it was built on a shoestring. However, there is one corner where typical O14 industrial narrow gauge can rule which is the granite quarry. Some of the track was laid a while ago using code 82 Peco Il-115 which I know is the recommended rail for the Roy C Link/KBscale track, but I felt a lighter rail would be more appropriate and give a visual contrast to the adjacent main line, so I am relaying it in Micro Engineering Code 55 rail. You will note I have used wooden sleepers as most of the quarry trackwork I have seen did too.

I have now completed the two sets of pointwork of which the latter is the most complex (I'm not sure what you call this arrangement). Just a bit more plain track to add and I will have completed all the trackwork for the scenic section ready for it's outing next year (but not all the hidden track that will be required).

I hope to show some final pictures once it is completed and ballasted.