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Sunday, 25 November 2012

A trip on the Real Thing

Late this summer I had my first ever footplate ride on a steam engine, and what a loco and railway to do it on. I still owe that man lots of beer in thanks.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Extension boards under construction

The boards for the big extension under construction in the early 1990s. Each board is a unique (odd) shape designed to be small enough to go through the loft hatch and also keep joints at right angles to the track.

1990s Layout Design

The first attempt at a plan for the new configuration made circa 1990 using an early (pre Microsoft) version of Visio. The original boards remain at the top although the track plan is not accurate in this area.

A key part of this design was that the narrow gauge (black and purple) spiralled around and under itself and the standard gauge (light blue) and then dived behind the water tank (the shaded rectangle at the bottom RH of the picture). This narrow gauge all got built and remains to this day.

The standard gauge was also meant to spiral through tunnels and then over a Treffry style viaduct and then on hidden track under the main layout and around behind the water tank. This viaduct got built but it was clear the curves were going to be too sharp (especially in Scale 7) so the plan was altered and the viaduct sold.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

1980s Layout Design

1980s Design
The original layout from the early 1980s with the viewing/operating area at the front (bottom). These boards were transposed in the new configuration after 1989.